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  • Complete rebuild
  • 23 fields of which 12 can be applied even
  • Production chains for fish, meat, flowers, cement and Forage
  • Unkrautmod
  • Many buyable objects
  • Timed events
  • Manure/dung/lime Mod
  • Own PDA Map including new symbols

Illustrated 11- page manual is included with the pack! Please read carefully!

Required mods:

  • GülleMistKalk Mod,
  • MapDoorTrigger,
  • PDAFix,
  • MapBuyableObjects,
  • MapSoundTrigger (included with the pack!),
  • Multi Sprayer (included with the pack!),
  • Fortuna K180 pendant from v1.3!,
  • Claas Ranger Pack from v1.2,
  • Scania R420 tractor unit (included with the pack!),
  • Schmitz semitrailers (included with the pack!),

Optional Mods:

  • Krampe HP 20 v1.1 (for transporting compost !).
  • AlternativTipping Mod.
  • Mercedes Benz 2548 with box (Download only available with us in the forum!).
  • Our Krampe trailer pack (milk, water , slurry, manure and pig transport).

Known bugs:

  • FieldBuyHud scripts are not compatible MP (alternative see PDF file).
  • Particles during loading of the goods (which we are not easily modifiable because scripts are encrypted!).

Various Models: Giants
MapSoundTrigger, Info Trigger,
PDAHelpTrigger: [FSM] ChefKoch
Pumpenhaus: [FSM] ChefKoch
Schilder: [FSM] ChefKoch
claw: [FSM] ChefKoch
Radio, Gum Machine: [FSM] ChefKoch
Gabione, [FSM] ChefKoch
Wald, Teer, Wasser, Zebrastreifen,:
Gullideckel , Div.Sounds , uvm ..: [FSM] ChefKoch
Optische Fruit:
SiloFüllstandsAnzeige v2: [FSM] Atabogo
WaschanlagenHaus: [FSM] Atabogo
Stores: [FSM] Atabogo
Miscellaneous Gebäude:
Farmhaus, [FSM] Atabogo
HofSilo: Model [FSM] ChefKoch
Texture [FSM] Atabogo
Schilder Werbung: [FSM] Jabba42
Erlenberg Fahrzeuge: [FSM] Jabba42 [ FSM ] ChefKoch
Flughafen , Unfallfahrzeuge: [FSM] 112TEC/Chris
Miscellaneous Neue script FlschLight,)
GehWegSet: Frank Wienberg [GER] Heaven: Tessman85
Texture, Wiese, Fruits [FSM] ChefKoch
MapbuyableObjekt: Blue Baby
Feld texture: ZeFir_POLAND
StrassenSet: atze1978
GrainKlappe: GE Mapping
Cow/WaterMod: Mahru
SchweineZuchAnlage: Maruh
Production: Maruh
Production Füllanzeige: [Fsm] Atabogo
Schrottanhänger, Div.Zäune: Thuruk
Old Models: thecsfun
Farmer: Devilkw
Unkraut: upsidedown
Waschanlage/Script: buchhauer
Distance Berge: mailman
SumpfGrains: GE Mapping
Ramp BGA Eduard Geier
Miscellaneous script: Blacky_BPG, Marhu, 112TEC | Chris, alex2009, TMT, [FSM] ChefKoch

Special thanks to hoschi97 for the release of the ScaniaR420 and Schmitz Cargo semi-trailer

Mapbau: [FSM]Atabogo
Fruchteinbau: [FSM]Chefkoch
MapTest Sp/Mp: [FSM]Chefkoch / [FSM]Atabogo / [FSM]Jabba42 / [Vip] Onkelhotte / [Vip]amado / diana1703
Bauzeit ca.5 Wochen

And more that I can not locate ..! Should I still have someone forgot that he should come forward.

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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