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Changes in version 3.4:
– Added markings on the roads.
– Changed market animals. Now travel through.
– Added a creamery. First, it is necessary to buy. Accepts sunflower seeds. Produces sunflower oil, bottled oil, husk, and bagasse. The oil can be sold to the flour mill, bottled oil – a shop in Elenovka. Husk take on district heating and cake on animals have Ravshan market.
– By popular demand added to the mud. But on the road it is not – it is where it belongs: under the bridge, where the water is going to rain, there is still a couple of places.
– The list of “night sounds” – sounds that appear at night and during the day they can not hear (the owl, nightingale …)
– Well, a bunch of other “minor details”

Archive unpack. The map archive and mandatory fashion to it. File ReadMe_Prochti menya.txt strongly recommended that you read.

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Farming mods

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Author: Giant, Anahiel, Sniper_TRV

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