Eicher 3066A v 1.0

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Eicher 3066A v 1.0

Features and functions:
– Fully animated hydraulic rear
– Fully animated front axle, propeller shaft and propeller shafts
– Swing axle
– Fully animated fittings
– Work light
– BelV3
– Real steer angles, i.e. realistic steering geometry for better drivability
– ESLimiter and Hour Meters

Information about the original:
The Eicher 3066 was built between 1982 and 1990 and belonged to the middle with 66HP power class of the so-called Economy Line.
The series was due to be saved by the use of MF motors and all MF tractors in blue for the first time exclusively Eicher Eicher air-cooled engines were in all models from 48HP to 145HP reinstalled after the big slump. One could also say, as Eicher Eicher was back, but the hoped-for success of RECOURSE. It was probably not used to the MF gears in the 3 and 4-cylinder models, but rather the fact that the reputation of an Eicher was ruined for all times, and the customer had been looking a long time for other brands.

Therefore, from Eicher 3066 only 140 were built, of the all-wheel version 3066A at least 279 pieces. Nevertheless, this is a real Eicher, and with 40km / h, a cabin, power steering and also one of the turbocharged engine was fully in time then.

Modell: modelleicher, Teile von schlüterfan1977, Reifen von schlüterfan1977
Ingame: modelleicher
modelleicher(Eicher3066Animations, ZylinderV2, realExhaustParticlesV3, realSteerAngles)
Sven777b(BelV3) Face(ESLimiter)

Danke an schlüterfan1977 auch für die Unterstützung beim anpassen der Proportionen und Maße auf 1:1.

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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