Dtp Map V1.4

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Digital indicators added (silos, feed stock) * Various adjustments * straw ball bearing fixed * defaultVehicles.xml adjusted * mapvorschaubilder adjusted * installed watermod * fixed feed storage * Field 28 made to the meadow * great * Forestry premises was built from field 36 & 37 ( old power plant) * new farm equipment dealer installed * paths narrow * Freilandsilo installed * Store Places adapted Seller * Karcher (washing area) angepast * Slurry manure-lime-Mod * defaultVehicles.xml adjusted * PDA Map adapted * Hof adjusted again * Maschinhallen installed * Ball bearing ( adjusted fitted fitted with purchase) * Latest version of MapDoorTrigger’s * restated dealer (Store Places) * Old Schafweide * Karcher at the court placed (Basin) * planted fields adjusted (fruit stand on) * planted fields are now part of Farmer * Wassermod away ( made problems in cows and sheep and chickens) * fixed feed stores (you could see no straw and compound feed


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