Drensteinfurt v3.0

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Welcome to Drensteinfurt!

Around 1 year of construction after I put my map for the community to download. I hope you like my map because I have spent a lot of time and patience in this map. The map should be out of the contest yet known.

What is it waiting for you?

  • Great main courtyard (where cows can also be lined manure and there may also be Brought).
  • Kuhhof (Large barn with ausmist function).
  • In each stall can be fed with compound feed.
  • Grain silos can be removed with a shovel (not the standard t bucket go).
  • Silos on the farm and cow on the main yard.
  • Small village with Country dealers and trade.
  • Large – biogas plant with 4 silos and silage mountain.
  • A 2t – yard with beets and potatoes and sheep.
  • Industrial area with a further sale station.
  • Frequent Idyle.
  • Drive cars, milk trucks and pedestrians.
  • Area was found to Münster after. (But no original replica)

Support is available here:

  • https://www.facebook.com/0maxi0modding

You do have a large fleet but unfortunately they do not belong only fields meadows. So they Sell Strategically some Maschienen and Buy them for land. So they led their food ladies, as their biogas plant. Rot is issued.

Important Patch 2.0 will Requires otherwise the map does not work!

Required mods:

  • MapHoseRefStation – Eifok team
  • Map_Door_Trigger: http://www.vertexdezign.net/mapdoortriggerv4/
  • Pfreek: fence, railway crossing, delineators, BGA Gate
  • Fatian: roads, bridges, lanes
  • Gaints: All buildings
  • Maxter: Workshop
  • Eicher Model: Fachwerkhof, Farmhouse
  • Katsuo: Fachwerkhof, grain storage, Medium / Small machines Hall
  • Padda96: pigpen
  • Nick98.1: Tablets Pack
  • Farmer 12: Schild_Kurve
  • Börndi: test objects Pack
  • 818Vario: Hall
  • Rubiks: pigpen
  • Manuel: Windmill
  • iMarwin: telephone line
  • Desperados93: bale stacks
  • martinbigM500: dung
  • Nikl: Modern Bullenzuchthof V
  • Eifok team: MapHoseRefStation
  • Fendtfan1: Ball Hall
  • Eribus: Forgotten Plants textures


Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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