Deutz Fahr 6095 HTS

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The new Case Thresher are great, but for the maps that I play too great. Since the 6095 HTS is more than enough. I got it improved a bit to get back to have some more fun in the game. The responses to my 5465 H, I have seen that there are a few gamers and Deutz fans who put more value on a solid Drescher:


  • Chopper installed (StrawSpec of Templaer): switch to the stationary thresher and press M
  • Particle systems (creator unknown) for chopper and the grain elevator replaced by nicer
  • Built-decent steering wheel and control panel of CryteX with modified optics (not quite the “black cave”).
  • Changed sound slightly
  • Dust tires when driving on fields
  • For those driving from the cab view as I: Connectable work light front (switch with the headlights on Drescher and press key 5) and cabin lighting with Numeric Keypad 9, beginning position indoor camera improved (turning on too many light sources can make the game ever to jerk bring, but is a general problem in the LS).

RealParticleSystem installed for the exhaust of leithner / model Eicher -. Since he then too much smoked me, I have reinstated the original particles. After all, he has already two exhaust pipes 😉 The real Particle files are still in the folder – if they want to swap in the xml, kanns do.

One more thing: I am not a professional modders and thus earn no money, have only my requirements in the Drescher processed because no one has so far been given to the Deutz-Fahr. The thresher is for those who think like I do. Anyone expecting a new completely perfected machine here is a mod to download with 40MB and go Claas or JD.

The work light is improved due to various reasons, but beyond my acquired skills in a short time – but as I said, the thresher is for my needs.

Thanks to Templaer, leithner, model Eicher for their scripts, the creator of the particle systems and CryteX for the panels.

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