CZECH MAP v1 farming simulator 2015 map

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What is in map

Animals: cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, cattle – Crops: wheat, barley, corn, canola, grass, potatoes, sugar beets – SOIL MOD – the growth of weeds in the fields (must be sprayed; otherwise, bad decree) –

Herbicides: type A, AA, B, BB, C, CC (dosage is displayed on a sign near the tank for spraying) –

Fertilizer: NPK, N, PK and lime (dosage is displayed on a sign near the tank fertilizer) –

Sales of straw on a farm, wood chips heating plant biomass –

Watermod displayed in PDA – Traffic train for transporting chips (you must manually send the key “r”) –

Traffic train for transporting grain AGRO 2000 (must be manually send the key “r ‘) – milk trigger milk must collect the dairy (dairy Kunin as) –

mixing station to produce a mixture (located at the piggery) – PDA map is translated into: Czech, English, German, Polish – BGA, heating plant biomass – Map contains 20 fields (price for 1 ha / 50.000EUR), 23 of meadows, forests 6 for stocking wood –

On the map, you will find 3 purchases (ADW Agro, Agro 2000 Agrofert), 1 butchers (Stloukal) and dairy (Kunin) – ChoppedStraw – broken straw remains on the field –

GreenDirectCut – corn silage has to be mowed in the yellow phase of growth – GreenFertilizer – Green fertilizer – dung manure & Kalkmod of Marhu – Display rozmeteného dung and manure in the field – flying Dandelion – Vehicles at the beginning: Zetor 7011, Zetor 16145 , Fortschritt E512, plow, cultivator, seeder, sprayer, fertilizer spreader – At the beginning you will own 3 fields – downloaded map is needed to unpack and put everything in mod !!! – Lots of details and much more …


How to install Farming simulator 2015 mods:

Please follow the link for detailed instructions

How to install Farming simulator 2013/2015 mods

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