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CUSTOM ROAD TRAIN PACK V1.0 – for farming simulator 2017


Hey community! What an amazing CUSTOM ROAD TRAIN PACK with trailers we have today for you!

This is custom trailers for all your large haulage requirements.

Pack includes:
Tri-axle 1380  –  This is the top choice if you are looking to haul long heavy trains;
Twinstar DUO  –  This great little work horse is the perfect choice for the lighter smaller B-Doubles and small Trains;

A and B trailers:
Animal Transport  –  These trailers feature Twin Level transport with the ability to move:
32 Sheep, 27 Pigs and 20 Cows in the A-Trailer;
And 2 Sheep, 38 Pigs and 26 Cows in the B-Trailer;
Flatbed Transport  –  These trailers are available in two forms, Standard and Universal Auto Load;
21 Squares, 24 Rounds, 10 Pallets, 8 Timber Pallets on the A-Trailer;
And 30 Squares, 36 Rounds, 16 Pallets, 8 Timber Pallets on the B-Trailer;
Logging Transport  –  Available in Standard form or with Marhu’s Auto Load Script;
The A-Trailer UAL Script can auto load logs 2 to 8 Meters;
The B-Trailer can load 2 to 12-Meter-long Logs;
Tanker Liquid Transport  –  These multi use tankers are available in two different designs, they can also be optioned without the fill type decals if you wish.
These tankers are also capable of overloading to each other and other vehicles;
Tipper / Bulk Transport  – with the option to load all Crop, Fruit, Vegetable and Bulk products these tippers have you covered;
Twin Axle Dolly  –  Twinaxle Dolly standard with movable Semi Trailer hitch.

Capacity 40.000L;
Street or Off Road Tires;
Road Train Signs;
Unique Number plates and Real Lights;
Optional Low Rear Hitch for Dolly.

Capacity 60.000L;
And everything left like in A-Trailer.

Works in MP.


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