Csi Russia Map V3

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I have made a choise to return to this map and continue where i left off.

This map has Cows , Sheep , Sand, Sawmill ( Placed in-game ) , Supermarket goods and more to discover…..


  • McDonalds
  • Gas station
  • Carwash
  • Supermarket with sell points
  • Sawmills need to be placed in-Game . NOTE: i have built an area just for this up in the TOP RIGHT.
  • you can transport Boards from said sawmill and sell point its the Spinnery .( Maps Bottom Left )
  • Added a Repair garage with Car Lifts ( Non Functional )
  • Salad Greenhouse ( Sell point is supermarket )
  • Traffic lights
  • Built from scratch is a home base to store all of you equipment/trailers . ( Maps Bottom Right )
  • Added Paved roads and fixed the Traffic Splines .
  • Working train on the map-Change Log-
  • Added more roads and edited the traiific splines
  • added flat areas for your placeable item\\\\\\\’s.
  • a few cosmetic changes around .
  • fixed a few bugs .

-End log-

In the download file sits multible files that need to be placed in your Mods Folder and i also added a Mac Trailer and ZIL Truck pack so that you can partake in Sand transportion .

ALL Credit goes to their respectful owners and i am mearly the Editor of this here map , i made this Edit for the fun and to bring mor fun and things to do in this map.

I might re-turn at a later time to continue my Edit-work on this .

I would like to thank you for downloading and i wish you fun on your farming .

Ben686 / CSI Mater48

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Farming mods

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  1. Сергей

    отлично. продолжай в том же духе. мне нравятся твои изменения в карте

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