CSI Deerfield V1 FS 2015 map

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Welcome to this farming simulator 2015 map

You can find the following:
*Regular Farming
*Animal Husbandry with Beef/Pig slauter house
*Sand / Gravel transport
*2 buildings that self-build ( Concrete factory , Bread Factory )
*Sawmills with log storage (Sawmills have auto collecting belts that move product / GATES open with the O key)


NEW ITEMS i added for cosmetics are as followed :
*Drag Racing strip i built ( To open gates press the O key )
*U-Haul dealer ( No Function )
*Hobgoblin’s Garage and Scrap ( For selling your old equipment )
*Added 4 new fields ( No cost to buy )
*Re-built the Quarry
*Added new Wool selling point
*Added 2 new gas stations
*Added KFC , McDonalds , TD Bank , Dunkin’ Donuts.

Keep in mind that this is an Edit of a map that you may already know and love .

csi-deerfield-v1-version-1_17 csi-deerfield-v1-version-1_16 csi-deerfield-v1-version-1_15 csi-deerfield-v1-version-1_14 csi-deerfield-v1-version-1_13 csi-deerfield-v1-version-1_12 csi-deerfield-v1-version-1_11 csi-deerfield-v1-version-1_10 csi-deerfield-v1-version-1_9 csi-deerfield-v1-version-1_8 csi-deerfield-v1-version-1_7 csi-deerfield-v1-version-1_6 csi-deerfield-v1-version-1_5 csi-deerfield-v1-version-1_4 csi-deerfield-v1-version-1_3

Authors:VVPutin – Map
CSI Mater48 – Map-Editor (Me)
Hobgoblin – Advisor 

How to install Farming simulator 2015 mods:

Please follow the link for detailed instructions

How to install Farming simulator 2013/2015 mods

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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