Court Farms Limited FS15 V1.02

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V1.0.1 Quickfix Change log;
– Removed Collisions on trees
– Removed wheat, barley signs from grainstore doors which caused a ‘warning’
– Changed Potato Storage Roller Doors which caused a ‘warning’
– Fixed floating trees
– Fixed misplaced fillplanes
– Modified chicken straw tip trigger & Wm Evans Tip Trigger

Welcome to the fictional village of Gorston Millett in the rural county of Herstshire. The land surrounding the village belongs to Court Farms Limited, over 500 acres of prime British soil.
All of your needs will be fulfilled by a number of local independent businesses; Wm Evans Grainstore, Churchfields Farm Grainstores, Tunnel Roots, Gillett & Johnston Agricultural Dealership, Mears&Stainbank Livestock Market, John Taylors Dairy Produce and Rudhalls Timber.


– 3 Farm, plus 2 extra yards
– 30 fields including grass meadows
– 3 grain sell points
– Biogas Plan (BGA)
– Timber Merchant
– Livestock Market with egg sell point
– Garden Centre with wool sell point
– Agricultural Dealership with woodchip sell point
– Cutable Woodlands
– Traffic
– Fattening Animals (Beef, Pigs and Chickens)
– Trees, Fences, Hedges & Gates have collisions


The Techie Bits:
– Improved Sky textures
– Improved Crop textures
– Improved ground textrues
– Increased swath heights
– Soil Mod ready
– Chopped Straw mod
– Multi Angle Terrain
– Manual opening gates and shed doors
– Manual transport and selling of milk
– Extra foliage Layers


Required Mods:

Animation Map Trigger


ChoppedStraw v15.0.03 and v15.0.05

Milk & Water Tanker

Zunhammer Water U. Milktrailer V2.0.1


Milk Stop Sale mod for Farming Simulator 15

Remove Daytime Haze

Remove Daytime Haze mod for Farming Simulator 2015

Soil Mod (If you choose)

SoilMod – Soil Management & Growth Control

Gold Add-on
Players who own the Gold Add-on will benefit from one extra tractor, fertilizer spreader and extra seed drill

-Grain is stored at Court Farm in the two sheds with the corresponding crop marked on the wall. There is a trailer fill spout in the Right Hand Shed Marked ‘Maize’.
-Potato Storage is next to the Grain stores. To unload just tip into the Grimme grader and the elevator is located behind in the shed.
-Sugarbeet is stored in the Shed opposite.
-Fattening Cattle are located at Court Farm
-Pigs are located at LadyBank Farm next to Churchfields Grain stores
-Fattening Chickens are located near field 22
-Dairy Cattle are Housed at Randells Dairy, Sheep to the North East and Chickens in the Woods West of Court Farm

For players using the Official Gold Add-on you will benefit from 3 extra peices of machinery.
-Zetor Crystal 12045
-Kverneland Optima V
-Kverneland Exacta EL 700


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