Courseplay V4 (Beta)

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Courseplay now and for FS 2015. This is a tool for the machines have to perform many different tasks for you. Those who default helper AI can not do. For example, Courseplay ideal for unloading plant, driving the chaff from the helicopter to the farm or BGA. Courseplay been developed continuously over the last 3 years. By now, you can even push the bale hay collect, cultivate, fertilize and seed plots, mowing or empty your BGA silo. Authors: Jakob Tischler, Thomas Gärtner, horoman

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  1. Dzarin

    The best mod for Farming simulator, can’t imagine playing the game without it. It was like earlier christmas, when it came out for FS 2015. For everybody, who didn’t tried it yet, I have just one message: TRY IT! It makes the game 100x better

  2. Cernunnos

    Thats quick!! Without courseplay i dont like the game at al!! So its nice to play 2015 with it!!
    Thx for all the work!
    Hope one day there will be a good editor for editing made courses for finetuning and placing crossings afterwards.

  3. lans

    In overloader mode, pulling the Horsche auger trailer, it says it’s not the right trailer…

    1. ben

      I have the same problem mate and combine wont self unload so I’m stuck any solutions?

      1. lans

        Doesn’t work in 4.00.0025 (latest version, as I write), I’m sure they’ll get to it in time.

        1. lans

          Looks like it’s fixed, not tested it yet tho..

  4. LostInSpace

    This is not an official release from the original creators.

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