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I have retracted some “initial prices” for Altkirch map.
Box 31 and 32 can threshed about CP, are gesäeht and fertilized.
Straw can be brought from the field 32 with the loading wagon the straw.
For Saatauffüllüng I Placed a Saatgutpallette at the courtyard entrance. (Discovered Have the Actual Pallette later, will this possibly change again)
The meadow at Kuhhof can mowed, raked and grass that can be collected with the Wagon or the baler. The transport to Hoflager I clinched the extra price.
The cows are fed with grass and straw. fill rate for beet shredders I clinched.
Downhill to the land trade is retracted.
Possibly I have forgotten which may be mentioned here, if there is interest, I will retract more courses and this one constantly Aktuelliesieren.

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Author:  Sspeedy-ff

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