County Heidhausen

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Welcome to the beautiful county Heidhausen in the beautiful northern Germany.

The previous owner of a farm has been taken over financially, and you have taken the opportunity at a foreclosure sale, and operation taken. The machinery has decreased slightly, the creditor had to be operated. Also, the number of fields you belong, has become smaller. However, since the new crop is on many fields already on the stalk, a deal could be made, you are allowed to harvest these punches yet.

Concern is always for the production of beer (small tip, the secret of the beer is in the specially imported hops, which you can buy at the general store, and the inventory on hiesigem national drink of the popular “Jogi liquor” does not break, then you have a large part of the male population quickly on your Seite.Auch the local bakery should not be neglected werden. Auch the local Lidl, has just been given after four years a new branch, should be supplied as the sole supplier at the site as regularly as possible with a variety of goods (bread, beer, and the healthy Fresh milk from your own yard).

To quickly move forward you should you order your livestock (cows, cattle, pigs, Hühe, horses and sheep, as well as take care of the ongoing operation of the BGA and the sugar-oil factory. You stand by about 25 purchasable fields and 4 fields you on have leased life as well as 4 large and a few smaller meadows Disposition. The previous owner had already planned to go into forestry, however has not much has been started. Surfaces for forests and buildings were created, if necessary, the construction of the buildings and setting the trees are taken easily addressed. spewed into the hands And now, there is much to do. On the map there is to discover, easy times keep an eye out many things. Much fun and success.

Rindermast: LS-2013Modding
Pigs by: PaPa
OGF Bauernhof: BernieSCS
Misch Station und Woll Palette Colletor by: Marhu
Schafstall by: Wildfuchs
Brewery and bakery: GE Modding
Freight yard by: FSM Team
Texture of the dairy farm and the flags: BlueSky
Distillery: Land-Ei
PferdeHof by: Aerocool1
Texture Lidl LKW by: Jabba 42
General store by: Eifok
Signs by: DerApeX

Thanks Baden farmer for permission to rebuild the map.

A Customised thanks goes to the BlueIce who has confessed to me with advice and zurseite and has tested the map with me day in and day out, with help and advice was me and the BlueSky, Tobi1986, zurseite also on the two love one thanks.

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Farming mods

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