Country of Italy (MoreRealistic)

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This map represents the Italian soil that surrounds me and what I live every day.

With this work I wanted to represent abstract amniera in buildings and environments of Italy, to achieve this risulatoto been seven months of hard work with my Marcols aide who oversaw the technical part of the map, as a trigger for loading/unloading, scripts, animations, auto and truck routes and all the necessary to make complete our work, while the design of the setting was created by myself (SukazFarmer).

Required Mods:

For normal version:

  • Map Open Door Trigger:
  • Map Hose Ref Station:

For More Realistic version:

  • More Realistic Engine:
  • More Realistic Vehicle Pack:

Recommended Mods:
For both version (normal & MR) there are two modality of game, with or without Soil Mod.

For without Soil Mod:

  • Guelle Mist & kalk mod:
  • Multi Sprayer Herbizid Mod (weeds):

For with Soil Mod:

  • Soil Mod:

The map already included these mods:

  • Sky HD (textures),
  • Mais HD (textures),
  • PDA Fix,
  • Water Mod,
  • Pigs,
  • Beef,
  • Wool Palette Collector,
  • Alligator,
  • Multi Terrain detail angle and hire mode revert.

This map is available in Normal and More Realistic version.

Marco LS;
Ago Systemtech;
Appa Loosa;
Vertex Dezign;
Freelance Modding Crew;
Modhoster Team.

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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  1. federico

    ciao ho visto il video della mappa e mi sembra stupenda peccato che con questo sito non riesco a scaricarla, niente volevo sapere se la trovo anche su altri siti grazie CMQ COMPLIMENTI VERAMENTE

  2. luca79

    grande grande grande la migliore mappa mai creata complimenti

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