Cornfield Miles V0.9

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At the beginning you can expect a modern but rather a smaller fleet, as well as three fields have long journeys. Thus, you do not gurgt rum with Gartenwergen on large fields, but you still what to build. But beware, there is not much floor space and hectares of land will cost you here € 70,000 (Meadows € 30.000).
This is a map to just start playing it, no great things like pole barns or new fruits. Smaller or optical things like ChoppedStaw-, GMK or Water-mod, however, are installed. It is largely helpers and Corse Play friendly, only here and there the small Lenor’s could then dochmal need help. 😉
Also installed I have I to do a camp for loose hay and straw, since it does not allow the pervormance With such large amounts of feed bales and stored, especially as it is more relaxing. ^^ The stored material can be removed by shovel or by mixer mill.

BM-Modding, steffan30muc, Jimkerk, Katsuo, Stefan_LS, Eribus

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Farming mods

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