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Map features and removals:

  • 4x map with fields ranging from ~17-193 acres/7-78 ha,
  • 41 fields, ~2,800 acres/1133 ha,
  • Added fruits: oat, sorghum, soybean, sunflower,
  • 3 circles all set to go for pivot irrigation, though two of them run larger than the largest available pivot,
  • 5 secondary farms, but if you outgrow the starting farm, then you can always move into the largest farm, which is already set to go. You might need to oil the windmill, though!
  • Biogas removed,
  • Animal zones and potato and sugarbeet storage moved away from the main farm–this is a grain farm,
  • Farm Shop sell point removed.

Known issues:

  • When quitting the game, it comes up with the dreaded invalid map/set iterator error, which is related to something (scaling, I think) with one of the transform groups that I messed up. However, this doesn’t affect anything other than the game closing abruptly and not exiting to the main menu. This is the primary map I use and have played 90+ hours and counting, so it works fine.
  • Minor distracting (green) underwater fog color at a couple places on the edges of the map due to an added water plane I added for the pond (lagoon in real life) at the main farm. The lagoon was a required element for me, but just haven’t been able to figure out how to remove the color.
  • There is a bit of a ledge and bump going from the dirt roads to the paved ones, and they generally do not look that great. I never cleaned that up for personal use.

The map:

  • While the file name has been kept as KernStadt, the map name is Armknecht Place, based off my mother’s maiden name. Originally, where my mother grew up between Ogallala and Grant, Nebraska, my aunt and uncle moved (from the other accurate farmyard represented to the west) into this place after my grandparents passed. The farmyard layout is a very close replica. Though the farm has since been sold, great memories remain. In its heyday up until the early 2000s, the farm was 920 acres (372 ha) where the primary crops have always been wheat, corn, dry beans, with some sunflower and barley also being grown to a lesser degree.
  • The main farmyard is intended for the LMS Morton 50′ x 100 placeable shed. Though you can probably place it accurately initially, if you want exact placement I use, replace the existing line in the vehicles.xml file with the following:
    <item className=”lms50x100Barn.lmsPlaceable” modName=”lms50x100Barn” filename=”$moddir$lms50x100Barn/barn.xml” position=”57.521728515625 100 71.199996948242″ rotation=”0 0 0″>

Grain storage:

  • As you’ll see in the in-game description, all three grain augers at the main farm accept all crops, as does the one at the other family farm to the west. You will find the PTO shafts already connected to the augers at the main farm ready for you to connect your tractor to. Given the size of the map, if you go all in with your career, you may find the storage lacking at the main farm and you may choose to add on in GIANTS Editor, or move to the lager farm to the northwest.
  • There are also four other random farms on the map in addition to the main two. The potato and sugarbeet storage has been moved off to the one at the southeast corner. The area I chose to represent is not potato and sugarbeet country.

Animal zones:

  • Chickens: moved to the farm next to the big ramp that leads to the village. This way, you don’t have to put up with the rooster!
  • Cows: moved to the other family farm to the west. While it used to have an active pasture many years ago, it does no longer, but still made sense to move the cow zone here.
  • Sheep: moved to an isolated area below the village. I left the sell point at its original location, which is at another farm.

The following are used with permission:

Orignal map: a big thanks to kastor_Ger, the author of the other great original KernStadt maps, and a tremendous template from which to work from.

DocElyoc of the American Eagles Modding site and author of the tremendously popular Modern American Farming Map, which is probably the most accurate depiction of a North American farm and buildings for Farming Simulator. He provided the following great map objects, which make all the difference to the environment:

  • Coop and Cargill elevators
  • Grain augers
  • Shop items/tools
  • Fuel barrels
  • Casey’s General Store
  • AmeriGas LP tank

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  1. David

    You guys need to finish this map because it looks awesome and I want to play on it

  2. Allen

    for some reason I can’t get it to show up on my game for maps help me it looks like lots of fun!

    1. Farming mods

      Hey! It shows up as “Armknecht Place”

  3. Allen

    it shows up in my mod folder just not in my farming simulator maps, I’m trying to download it again, any ideas for help

  4. matt

    where can i get a pivot irrigation mod to work in the fields?

  5. Kyle

    How do I get the pivots to show up in the game?

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