Contractors Hagenstedt

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May 2014 MANY GREETINGS. They were from your uncle in his will wisely. You are the sole heir of a contracting company and some cash. by the financial situation had to be sold to on a par equipment and a start box everything. Do they prove that they are the right one which can be traced back to winning ways this company again.

In this map, there is a Changed Standartmap. This map has been changed according to my own notions and Custom. I have installed all the major mods and scripte. CHANGE: I HAVE DELETED GÄRTNEREI v4, and against another Registered Exchanges. BACKGROUND: LOGFEHLER

Built-up fruit varieties: wheat, barley, canola, Koernermais, potatoes, sugar beets, carrots, onions, oats, spelled, rye, sunflower, triticale.


  • Postponed yard;
  • Laid cow pasture and sheep pasture on the farm;
  • Chickens on the farm Freewheeling;
  • Installed barbed wire fence with Collision;
  • Wassermod for cows, chickens and sharp Installed;
  • Duch riding hall Installed;
  • Installed new shelters;
  • Feed stores Installed ;
  • Traffic Lights Installed;
  • distillery Installed;
  • Sugar Factory Installed;
  • nursery Installed;
  • New BGA Installed;
  • Installed new field sales trigger;
  • Deleted 2 fields and built with objects;
  • Installed Multiplayer digital display;
  • Bauerngarten Installed;
  • Wash Installed;
  • installed Woolpalettcollector;
  • Installed BGA sliding gates;
  • Installed signs;
  • New road texture;
  • Kiosk Installed;
  • Lawns Added;
  • New Start field (wheat);
  • New Start Vehicles;
  • Milk is no longer Abgehohlt.

Mandatory mods:

  • (moreRealistic, moreRealisticVehicles)

Distillery by ZeFir_POLAND
New Hall of by (UNKNOWN MODER)
Kiosk by charly_99
Milk charging station by GE mapping
Feed storage by frisco0177
MT energy by Stone Bracker
Onion & Carottenlager by LPG 7oktober
Wassermod by of Marhu
Silo by 2.0 of Sigie85
Washing area by matzesft
WoolPaletteCollector by Marhu
old HofSilo by – Kolbenfresser – Cabgelog
Timbered shelter by Trixi
Small open shed by Philippelp
Digital display for Silofüllstände by Blacky_BPG
Feldverkaustrigger completely by tackle berry
To incorporate cottage garden by luculus

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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