Contractors Hagenstedt v2.0 (Forst)

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Contractors Hagenstedt v2.0 (Forst).

On this map you Obtain a contracting company. You can invest in a forestry operation. At the train station you will find a new sawmill, a wood-fired power plant and a biopower for slurry and manure. At the port McDonalds Is and and a depot. Also have a sugar beet factory, a new nursery, a grain merchant and a distillery there.

A Great Forest is located where once was the cow pasture. There are a few medium-sized lawns, which can be easily mowed. The New cow pasture and the new sheep pasture you now find on the new farm. A Wollpalettencollektor is also present, the milk must be taken away yourself, because the truck is no longer abhohlt this. The BGA was Newly built, a traffic light system is also available

On this map you can grow: Wheat, barley, canola, corn grains, sugar, potatoes, carrots, onions, oats, spelt, rye, sunflowers and trikitale. With every mod or standard Drescher you can cultivated fruit crops. Your Requires only a corresponding one trailer

ZeFir_POLAND, (UNBEKANNTER MODER), charly_99, GE-Mapping, Ganelcer, Stonebracker, LPG 7oktober, Marhu, Sigie85, matzesft, Kolbenfresser- Cabgelog, Trixi, Philippelp, Blacky_BPG, tackleberry, luculus, devin, Basti_66, Andy, Bauer Jens1, Csmc-czechoslovakiamodscompany.

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  1. Doug Westland

    I have lost count on how many goes of downloading this map , just won`t download . One attempt I got it to 55% , then I got it to 99% . Is there another way of getting this map ? .

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