CompostMaster Modpack 2016 v1

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CompostMaster2k16 placeable zip (CompostMaster2k16 for producing compost)
CompostFillingPlant placeable zip (compost filling)
CompostSellTriggers placeable zip (one Abkipp and pallets Sale trigger for compost)
Shovel Pack Extended zip (blade pack for loading compost)
aaa compostMaterialHolder zip (Material Holder for compost) Attention! must not be incorporated into the map.
Anyone who has played a Map with compost material Holdern not need this zip.
ZZZ multiFruitModule compost zip (Multifruit module for compost, contributes in all trailers compost as a fillType can also transport manure.

The CompostMaster2k16 has been revised again, he is now running on the factory script, textures and the model have been optimized for better performance.
A lot has changed its features. Fillable he is with (compost potato sugarbeet chaff silage grass grass_windrow dryGrass_windrow wheat_windrow barley_windrow woodchips manure) but he also takes logs.
The generator runs you need now Diesel. The product obtained compost (compost) that is collected in one place. The can then be loaded by shovel.
the Kotte Universal Pack is needed to fill the diesel. That you get here: viewtopic.php f = 137 & t = 1752?

This is just a compost filling plant, above the compost comes in at the side come the compost boxes out with 5000 liters.
Transportable with a standard pallet forks.

Simple placeable trigger to sell its compost there are 2 trigger a TipTrigger where you can sell the compost directly from CompostMaster (tilt my followers).
And a range of sales trigger for compost.

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Author: Farmer Andy

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