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I welcome you very warmly because of the 15 fs do not do already rz?dnych maps decided to give you a blank map on which is all you need for a good start
Map in time for beginners MapMakerów

And on the map are loaded things like:
– Many vegetation flowers and so on.
– Uploaded pigsty
– Manure, lime, manure v2
– Mod Sieczka
– Triggers the manual filling of milk (Required barrel)
– Triggers
– Uploaded mud which goes to bury
– All kinds of trees
– Added 2 Oborniki pushed and storage in cows
– Etc..

Map weighs 156Mb reasons that a lot of people is added for beginners to have fewer nerves :)
I have a good work on these maps greet your VenTuriO

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If you are copying copy the entire contents

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Farming mods

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Author: TheMasteRTeamTV

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