Cleadon Hill

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Cleadon Hill

First of all sorry for this taking so long, and thanks to all the support of you guy’s giving advise on good and bad. Right this is a fictional map, with a real name close to where I live, It isn’t as hilly here but would like maps with a bit of a challenge, to keep everything in a straight line, not to miss any crop’s. I have spent a long time on my village trying to get it to look as real as I could, and know there are loads of maps out there, that would look better, but this is my real time work for you’s to appreciate, there is one main Farm next to the Mill-Port, there is also a brewery, Tesco’s and bioPlant, wool sales and bale sale are in the industrial est, next to the village, this also has all mission incorporated, but not the grass mission’s, no horse shoe’s either. There is enough vehicles to get you on your way, and you will have to sow your own grass as there is none for you to cut first. there is 3 field owned by yourself at first but the fields to buy are dear, so good luck. the milk truck make his own way there and back, and next to bioPlant there is a area for Greenhouses, also next to Greenhouses there is water fill and manure area, which you will have to bring the manure from the main farm, down to here to store it for Greenhouses. I hope I have covered everything, any problems I will try and sort, but hopefully there will be very little.

Credits are as follows
International Modding Team for there blank map
NI Modding for there awesome shed’s,and houses,and gates,and walls
Giants for the easy use of GE
FS-UK for there awesome site
FS-UK Members for uploads and downloads
spider100 for hedges
vanillaice83 for electric poles
martinbigM500 for electric fence,
wellano920 for Soccer ground
AlbertL for manure transfer mod
Ls-2013Modding milkRobot
LU_MUKModdingteam for Old road
TopClaas for Potato bag, also by jens002
DAJOUN for new silo
metalger1 for trees
xX_uNdErGrOuNd-_-mOdDiNg_Xx for phone box and skip
World builder for street lights
Krzysiek1105 for wall fence
Country Joe rescue boat
FrankWienberg[GER] for footpaths
charly_99 for supermarket
GE mapping for Rolltor
Skar for pine fence
Freak36558 for train trailers

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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