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Chisel subsolador armazón “Version 1.0”
Potencia requerida: 140 HP
Peso: 1300 Kilos
Metros de trabajo: 3 Metros
Precio en tienda: 12.500
Coste de mantenimiento: 35
Modelo por: JmGarcia
Textura por: JmGarcia
Ingame por: JmGarcia
Mod limpio de errores
Chisel subsoiler frame “Version 1.0”
Required power: 140 HP
Weight: 1300 Kilos
Work meters 3 meters
Store Price: 12.500
Maintenance cost: 35
Model: JmGarcia
Texture by: JmGarcia
Ingame by: JmGarcia
Mod clean error

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Farming mods

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Author: Model: JmGarcia Texture: JmGarcia Script: JmGarcia Idea / Concept: JmGarcia / Los antonios Testing: JmGarcia Other:

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