Central Kansas Remake

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Central Kansas Remake

Now introducing the Official Central Kansas Remake! By Disturbed742 and omarthefirst


Works well on low spec PCs.

– All default seeds, Wheat, Barley, Corn, Canola, SugarBeats, and Spuds(Potatoes!)
– Has 1 custom mowing mission…Trust us, all you need is that one.
– Cow zone and sheep zone are by the farm, chickens are now able to roam freely around the farm.
– Sell points include: the Inn, Sugarbeet Refinery, Canola Refinery, Farm Shop, Freight Yard and Kanza CO-OP elevators
– Disturbed has placed a wool palete collector right next to the sheep pasture, and you can take your wool and sell at the farm shop.
– Sell your eggs on the back side of the Farm Store
– A working Milktruck has been added to sell your milk. (he may still wiggle left and right occasionaly, but it has been improved alot since Beta testing.)
– No special mods needed, this map uses all default equipment, and any mod you want to add
– Includes a working PDA with correct PDA icons
– The nice mountain scenery has been replaced with a HUGE grassy field ready for you to mow right from the start.
– There are still two farm silos to the south east and the south west.
– Improved the hills so there is little to NO skips when using your big seeders on the fields.
– Still plenty of space for you to add any placeable building you want (solar panels, greenhouses, windmills, etc…)
– Added mowable grass just about everywhere on the map.
– All 20 fields have been cultivated, so all you have to do is start sowing after you buy them. You start off with 1 field that is sowed to wheat. The rest of the fields you will need to buy.
– More realistic prices and sizes of the fields according to GIANTS specifications
– This map is perfect for the bigger machinery. Like the Case IH Quadtrack! You will enjoy using two combines on one field!

Version Remake 1.0:
-*- Pig Mod added! Thanks to Disturbed742
-*- Buy your fields at the Central Kansas Land Inc. by the Vehicle Shop
-*- Added Futterlager right next to the cows and sheep
-*- Added SugarBeet Refinery West of your Main Farm
-*- Added Canola Refinery where the port used to be (North of the Farm Shop)
-*- Added 3 villages
-*- Re-worked the fields so hired workers dont leave skips.
-*- Added Paved road system with road signs
-*- Added WindBreaks (trees) along many roads ( just like you would see in real life)
-*- Added a Pond in the mountains, for you to fill your Water tanks for free
-*- Added the Water Mod so you can get that extra 10% in your livestock production!
-*- Removed the Mill and added Kanza CO-OP (feed mill by hermit23, edited by Disturbed742)
-*- Added Power Lines for realism
-*- Rearranged the main farm so it would be more courseplay friendly
-*- TOTAL HECTARES: 1876.29
-*- TOTAL FIELD PRICES: $22,515,40
-*- Field price, $12,000 per Hectare

Misc items and GIANTS Editor – Giants team
Ground and Corn texture – Tessmann85
Grass, Rape, Wheat, Barley, texture v 1 – wingi
With food storage function v 1 – Ganelcer
ZuckerRaffenerie v 1.0 – Trekkerbodo
Verladesilo v 2.0 – Sigie85
Round Barn – hermit23
Feed Mill (original) – hermit23
Feed Mill (edited) – Disturbed742
Milk collecting point – schweizer6005
2 stone sheds/warehouses – sandgroper
NI Modding Map Objects Pack – NI modding
Water mod and Pig Mod- Marhu
Special thanks to Disturbed742 for all his hard work! And all of our testers. :)

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