CAT Trailer Pack

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Caterpillar trailers pack converted from fs 2013 by Mater48

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Farming mods

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  1. LostInSpace

    The bale script doesn’t work on the flatbed.

    What is the sense in converting and uploading a mod if it doesn’t work?

  2. Klevis

    The Low boy trailer dose not work if you cant hook it up to a Mac truck and when hook it up to a Volvo truck the game stops working.

  3. L8ON

    with the flat bed trailer you can not load square bales.
    also I can not get the dolly to hook on to another cat trailer for a road train set up

  4. Louis

    I am unable to get any of the trailers to show up except the one for the Combine (low boy). This one needs the use of a forklift to raise it above ground for the Vehicle to connect. Once the trailer(low boy) is connected to anything, the script file causes Farm Simulator 2015 to lock up. NO “key board” commands work and you have to switch to your Desktop and then shut down the game and loose all things you’ve done since your last save and the point you connected the Trailer (low boy) to a Vehicle to pull it.

    I am not sure what Mater48 did to make it work for 2015 but this is the first conversion that I’ve come across that has failed so badly with the Mods I’ve downloaded and used from this site.

    Would not recommend trying this “RAR” file until someone is found to resolve all the errors contained in the Zip files.

    Other Trailers to carry a combine have not installed on my latested “Updated” version of FS2015 so if you are like me, may all be stuck driving the combines from field to field.

    Best of luck,


  5. Louis

    Here are some Mods on this site that you can use instead of this one that will do all that this mod offers. With one difference: They all will work with FS2015. :-)

    And I have included a bonus mod for those of you looking for a log trailer that will “unload” so you don’t have to figure out how to get the logs off the default trailer that comes with FS2015.

    Nice Platform trialer

    -\/- (Try This If only Can Load Wool on Above Trailer) -\/-

    Nice Rear Opening Tipper

    Set with low loaders regular Fliegl Semi in game “But” one that will carry the largest harvester you can buy in the game
    But you can not leave the “header” attached on at time of transport or you have fun trying to get around trees and other obstacles.
    This download also allows you to choose a color for your Trailers.

    Bonus Trailer for looking at my Post:

    Logging Trailer that I have found to be the best on this site 2 different sized trailers that can both tip on their left sides to unload.

    I use all these Mods on my Farm Simulator 2015 and have had no problems once installed. However I have not tried “Platform Trailer” yet and have only been using my Wool Trailer to transport Wool Pallets and I have put tractors on it. Have not tried hay or grass bails. Planning to see if it will transport tree pallets to my new planting location so I won’t have to travel from one side of town to the next after I plant 3 pallets.

    Special note: the Fliegl loader will carry the tree pallets, but is a pain to load and unload. The wool trailer has edges so it is made to allow your fork lift to use the trailer to pull out when load in on trailer and there is a “Lock Down” mode for your load once you are connected to the trailer and ready to drive from one location to the next.

    Best of Luck,


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