Bunker Silo

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Bunker mobile with a tractor Capacity 1000000 liters requires a counter weight 3600 kg.
Fruits: manure silage potato sugarbeet grass hay straw feed barley wheat corn chips canola
Mod by dimanix and Marhu

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Farming mods

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  1. Frits van Raayen

    What tractor do you use?

    I have tried everything, the front continues to come up with counter weight 3600 kg

    1. Louis

      The publisher of this mod has major program problems. So no weight on a tractor will work.

      I found out the best you can do is just drag it to where you want it. The best tractor to use is the “Case Quadtrack 620” I will pull the bin like any implement or tool when the bin is empty.

      Should you want to move it to another location to continue to fill the bunker, this tractor will pull from 4 mph to 11 mph depending on amount of the load in the bunker and if you are pulling up hill or on a flat area. But since the loading into the bunker is NOT placed evenly in the bunker you will find you have to do a lot of course correction as you pull the bunker.

      But unless someone ( who knows how to make mods ) can fix the mathematics of the mod it will never work like it should and that is one reason why you can drag it around so easily.

      It will let you put in the fruits shown and when you drive under the spout it will unload to the trailer until it is full. So at least that much works.

      If someone wanted to add wheels to it and then have it towed, it would be a much more logical bunker-silo and could be submitted as a new mod.

  2. Barry Hughes

    I just use “LIEBHERR CRAWLER CRANE HS875HD” and “Hositing tool for Liebherr crane v1” with the bunker empty, these work perfectly barring the slow drive.

    Also you can lift it over fences and stuff.



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