Brunzdorf v2.0

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Here I present you my Bastelmap available. As bad as it can surely not be, after all, she has reached the premium status.
New in version 2.0:

  • Reduced start- fleet
  • 4 Start – fields
  • Standard grain silos
  • Cereals swamp on the farm, at the mill and at the country store new
  • Hay and grass in the feed storage
  • Tipping bucket in cattle and pig
  • Corn texture for Grünhäckselmod installed
  • Clover and alfalfa with swath installed
  • MultiFruitUtil 1.2
  • Slurry manure and lime Mod v2.01
  • New mixing station of Marhu with movable tube can also be used for direct feeding
  • Section 24 of enlarged
  • Conifer Set v1.7
  • New roads
  • Layers v1
  • Foliage Layers
  • Lime silo
  • New terrain textures
  • Inserted forest floor texture
  • reated 3 forest areas
  • Converts sounds for Patch 2.1

What has been changed in V 1.0?


  • Missions
  • Port
  • Camping
  • Golf Course


  • Pig V1.0.3
  • Cattle fattening V1.0
  • Watermod V3.0
  • Mixing station V2.3.4b
  • Manure pit
  • Grain Station V2
  • Houses Pack v1.0
  • Courtyard and halls Pack v1.0
  • Food storage V1.2
  • Ground Textures V4
  • Tree textures
  • Fruit textures Forgotten Plants V1.0
  • Scales for maps v1.0
  • Chicken Coop v1.0
  • Sheepfold v1.0
  • Round Ball Hall
  • Sky Texture v1.0
  • Distant Hills mountains for installing v1.0


  • Ready to harvest all 35 fields
  • Starting fleet
  • A maximum of 10 animals visible (Performance)
  • Swaths higher
  • Fruits higher
  • Slurry and manure texture ( Haulm-Layer! )
  • New PDA
  • Field splitting
  • Terrain
  • More trees
  • Hofaufteilung
  • Milk Truck Route
  • BGA offset
  • Cows at the farm
  • Chickens at the farm
  • Sheep and Wool sale at the spinning
  • Cattle fattening the Court
  • Pig at the farm

Required Mods:

Tested with patch 2.1 beta 3, no Logfehler.

Giants, Hank Moody

Marh, Germany Community Group by martinbigM500, SLJ – agricultural, Frisco, ZEFIR, vanilla ice cream, Eribus, Alex2009, Manu ya, Steffen30muc, Deifel GbR, Bumsnudel93, mailman.

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Farming mods

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