Bogballe M3W spreader (MoreRealistic)

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The Bogballe M3W Fertiliser Spreader offers the modern farmer the ultimate in flexibility and economic usage. This model has a spread with ranging from 6m to 42m in 3m increments to allow for maximum coverage with minimum overspill.

Rate of spread can be adjusted from 100l/hectare to 600l/hectare in 50l increments, and both the rate of spread and spread width are fully adjustable from the driver’s seat.

The hopper comprises a standard base, plus a maximum of three extension rings. Starting from a capacity of 1675l, each ring will contain a further 800l for a total of 4075l. A heavy duty tarpaulin cover is included to prevent the hopper contents getting wet in an unexpected downpour.

Control keys:

  • Decrease Capacity ‘[‘
  • Increase Capacity ‘]’
  • Decrease Spread Width ‘N’
  • Increase Spread Width ‘J’
  • Decrease Spread Rate ‘M’
  • Increase Spread Rate ‘K’
  • Tarpaulin Cover Control ‘,’

Authors: Sven888b, SFM-Modding, Manuel Leithner, FS-UK Modteam, Kyosho, Calamarain.

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Farming mods

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