Blicking 2015 v1 FS2015 map

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This is not an update of Blickling Hall Farm map I made for 2013.
It is A British map based on a real location in Norfolk England.
The map was created using Real Terrain Data(DEM), and is as accurate as I could get it (keeping in mind I made it for FS15).
All fields are owned, and you start with 3 fields which are already sown and fertilised with Wheat,Canola and Oats.
All other fields are ploughed and fertilised and ready for sowing.
There is also ample equipment to get you started (if you use the recommended mods).
I have decided to use painted roads, which in my mind are realistic, as it gives a bumpy ride when using your equipment.
Which is what its like, as the roads in real life are B-Roads in this area.

One main farm with Cows,Chickens and Sheep.
Pigs and Beef added.
Butcher added for sale of Pigs and Beef.
All standard fruits with extra fruits of Oat and Rye added.
14 fields of different sizes, and meadows of grass ready for cutting.
Food storage area added.
Forestry added.
Sawmill added for sales.
Various sell points.
Chopped straw mod added.
Multi terrain angle mod added.
This map has been made soil mod ready.

Additional info:
On this map with my Pc I am getting fairly steady 60fps, on high settings
CPU: AMD FX 6350 Unlocked Six Core Processor Socket AM3+ with TURBO CLOCK @ 4.2 GHz

On my MacBook Pro Retina 13in late 2013 laptop with Intel Iris intergrated graphics,
I am getting 40-60 fps on auto low and 20fps on medium settings.

Needed Mods:

Chopped straw mod by webalizer

ChoppedStraw v15.0.03 and v15.0.05

Multi Fruit Mod
Script: upsidedown
Artwork: Eribus


Recommended Mods:


by Mythos

OEB Adjustable Front Weight
Design, Model & Texture – OEB Modding
Additional Weight Script – gotchTOM

Kroeger HKD302

OBE Livestock Trailer

Faster Traffic
Giants – Original script
BulletBill83 – Edited script

Additional Mod:

This map can be used with or without soil mod.
If you don’t want to use Soil Mod remove it from you mods folder, or download it from the link below

Soil Mod ready

Please do not upload this map to any other site.

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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Author: Very Special thanks to: Robbie, without whose help this map would not have been released, also Blobby Farmer from Mappers Paradise for his help and input. Special thanks to: Giants. FS-UK and all forum posters that have helped me out. oxygendavid for help. my blank starter map by robbie Multi terrain angle mod by Petorius Chopped straw mod by webalizer_ls Wheat, Barley and OSR stubble textures KimG english church oxygendavid Sawmill from Two Rivers Model and Texture: El Cid Factory Script and animation: Marhu Ingame and adaptation of animation: Festus Water Mod Marhu soil textures melfoy grass texture Richard ( Ni Modding GE-Mapping Building Valkiria84 Building Trixi Sheds by Sotillo Sheds by Technik Ntek Any sign Any size Any Shape by Dorset sandgroper for objects SteveC for signs willjsavage for signs Sandbags m4pj3cts wild animals Spieler74 Milpol stile Mods by ziolek6 Mod by Luculus Mod by Kolbenfresser crash Schwaki police car Grisu118 Model: Stormi, David Texture: Waegi water tank HeisenbergModding Barn with Shelter vnsfdg1 Objects chris7710 Sukup grain bin pack (main farm silos) Model & Texture - ThompsonM06 Developed & released by LazyMod Studios FSD If there are objects on the map that have not been credited, please let me know by pm, as this has not been intentional.

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  1. Pup9et

    Can you please make it so you can use either GMK or Soil mod. Some of us do not like soil mod. It seems every map comign out these days is Soil mod.

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