Bjornholm New Design V4.0 (Final)

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Required MODS: ChoppedStraw, GuelleKalkMist MOD, Milk trailer / water, Milk Stop, Pigs and cattle trailer, Seed production (both ZIP), Tanker Trailer.

Wool Collector installed
Built-in seed bank (your need the zzz_seed2fix) see mods required
FermentingSilos installed (4 pcs)
Chopped Straw installed
GülleKalkMist MOD installed
New place for MODS placeable on the farm
Built-in 6 greenhouses fix
Adapted PDA (UPDATED: 31/12/2014)
Manure can be sold (You need a slurry tanker that can discharge)
Mist conveyor belt with the cows
Installed new real sky
Liquid sale proceeds (see Required mods)
Seed Vault is the content taken at Save the game (see MODS required)
Wool Collector installed
Passage in the cow pasture
Mist conveyor belt with the cows
Installed new real sky
Tree away on the road
Fermenting silos built in (4 pieces)
Silos HOF replaced by Fermenting silos
New Paltz behind the Stohverkauf (disabled) for further MODS I install the
Built tree on the street awaySeedMaster on the farm –
New built flat surface for placeable MODS
Mixing station now assumes chopped
4 greenhouses fitted with a nice view :)
Rearranged the straw sale
Sheep: Pallettausgabe rotated by 90 ° (pallet can be better loaded)
New silage silos at the mixing station
Pigs can now be loaded easily on the mast (New Entry)
PDA adapted (as of 24/12/2014)
Ships in water
Adjusted feed store
Adapted roads
Repaired area
Another source of water
Adjusted feed store
Adapted beach and water Plane
New Water Tower built for water filling
Fixed various bugs behobenChopped Straw mod installed (please even the zip in euern modfolder, see betötigte mods)
Digital display with silo
GuelleKalkMist mod installed (please even the zip in euern modfolder, see betötigte mods)
Sheep in potions no longer freeze
Trigger for seed and fertilizer increases for large Maschienen
Butchery rebuilt (point of sale for pork and beef separately)
PDA adjusted (main building and sale of milk is now visible in the PDA)
New Water Tower built for water filling
Fixed various bugs behobenmixing station inserted
New mast systems with statistics page in animal Menu
Kühweide increases with road crossing
Customized start-fields
New food storage with conveyor belts (see pictures)
Digital Display Füllständer (food storage, root crops, wood chips) / (see pictures)
Revised Hackschnitzelfürderband
Wood chips can now be tipped for big trailer (see pictures)
Added chicken
Eggs can now be lifted to a collection (see pictures)
Adapted to field 28
Where once the BGA was the field was increased
Built mountain range
Built-in Help icons again
Built-in coins again
Trees at the shelters offset (in cows).
It takes approximately 10 fields less
Performance of the MAP further improved.
A large new lake in the middle of the MAP
The sea extremely Increases
The color of the water surface is now more realistic
New Warehouse for root crops (without chips), as woodchip store’s installed
Fixed problems with eggs in the chicken
Output of Wollpalleten revised (slightly simplified)
Liquid sale now possible with the BGA
Silo now installed anderst
New BGA silo
Path to the silos no longer quite so steep


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Farming mods

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  1. Bruno

    Hello Mark, I hope to communicate here …
    Beautiful map, congratulations, there are two small problems I’ve seen,
    1st fields No. 18:20 just picked you are unable to use the farmer, the ‘worker
    just part of the tractor to cultivate stops after a few meters.
    2 ° the wooden barrier of ‘breeding Bif is too close to Camp No. 23, the
    Thresher fails to turn when it arrives there Vicinno.

    I congratulate you for the work you do for the maps, and I hope in your help.
    Thanks and prox …

  2. Teppo

    Tipping point at fermenting silo is not working for me, Dont know about the other players though.

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