Bjornelux V1.2.1

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Welcome back to Bjornelux. All the animals are near or on the farm, and there’s been added a lot of nature and details.

What has been built in:

  • Watermod
  • Milk trigger hose connection by mahru (Trailer needed see recommended mods)
  • choppedStraw mod
  • GuelleMistKalk mod
  • Doors openening and Barriers to open
  • Automatic light in the cow stable and on the gates of the main sheds.
  • Several light switches to be found on the farm to light up your farm during the night.
  • pigs and beef
  • Dirtroads
  • Aldi accepts eggs
  • Butcher wich accepts beef and pigs
  • slurry and water storage
  • Manure sell
  • WoolPalletCollector
  • Balestorage
  • Feedstorage for Grass, Silage and Straw
  • LOTS of additional nature.
  • Fields joined and less rectangular, more natural.
  • Compostmod
  • Conveyorbelts
  • and much more….

To continue your savegame, read the manual included in the package.
Mods included in the package have to be placed in your modfolder
Vehicle reset point has been replaced next to the Dealership. The strawsellpoint has been moved also; simply follow the signs “Stroverkoop”
This map is how WE want it and how WE like to play it, there is no mixing station and there will never be one, also the possibility of storaging MIXFEED wil not be possible in future releases, as we don’t like that and it is unrealistic for us, but thats a matter of taste.
Thanks to all modders that made it possible for us to create this map. And if you see somthing I’ve built in to the map , and your name is not on the credits, please PM me and I will correct it immidiatly.

Required mods:
BiggStollShovel package 2.0 by chesco
link :
StopMilkSale by Mahru
link :
WaterMilktrailer by Mahru
link :
GuelleMistKalkMod by Mahru and MnGrazy
link :
Fliegl Slurry Trailer
link :
AnimationMapTrigger by Vertexdizgn
link :–2

Recommended mods:
ChoppedStrawMod By UpsideDown
Water/Milktrailer By Mahru
AutoCombine By Biedens
Autotractor By Biedens
SiloExtension by UpsideDown
Link :–2

Chesco, Div3rsion

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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