Big Tony’s Hagenstedt Light v1.1

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Big Tony's Hagenstedt Light

Big Tory’s Hagenstedt Light v1.1

“…It is NOT a map for a low-end PC or laptop. It has high resolution textures and objects.”
– From the description of Big Tory’s Hagenstedt Final ( )

This is a reworked version of Big Tony’s Final map. It has been modified to work on slower machines and laptops. The goal was to reduce lag while keeping the map as close to original as possible. This is the second version to be released.

Big Tony's Hagenstedt Light v1.1

Changes in v1.1:
– Cows and chickens now enter their sheds properly without walking through walls.
– New tip building with five bays in place of the four-bay model.
– Forage, Silage, Straw, and Grass heaps, and the fifth bay is the bale sell area.
– Loadplaces modified to allow placeables to be put along the front wall between the chicken and silo areas.
– Vehicle sell area moved within the Vehicle Shop lot for easier access.
– Fixed Brewery North pricing and tip trigger PDA visibility.
– Fixed extra crops appearing on PDA despite no sale point existing. Multifruit and doubled clear silos in a future version.
– Smoothed terrain to allow access to Brewery North lot. Wicked curb at the entrance.
– Made changes to grass layer so it is mowable throughout the map.
– Fixed the PDA map so all fields, locations and icons are in their correct place.
– Many more…


Original map:
Omarthefirst (Central Kansas)
Amarlich (Brookridge Farms)
Ad Strip – Sandgroper

Clear Silos – TLSF team ls france

Thanks go to J Willy, peanutts, dodger007 and Smokee for their help debugging version 1.0.

Thanks to sandgroper and Discoade for help with cow navmesh.

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Farming mods

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