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Dear Ls community.
After much work, the new version of my Haupeltshofenmap is now ready. When I was finished with my original Haupeltshofenmap , working after about 13 versions and three quarters of a year , I had the great idea to them at 4x zoom and here she is now . Hope you like it . Since so much has been built (see credits) , here in bullet points , what you waiting for you :
Multi Fruit ( rye , oats , triticale , spelled, rye Green ) Note the following mod is needed for it .
Gülle/Mist- Mod Mod respect the following is required for
3 Schweinemasten
2 cattle masts
Cows, pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens
6 BGA ‘s 4 of them will scale with statistics function
New barn, new buildings, new Hofsilos
66 fields between 0.9 ha and 153ha, Field 18000LS prices between € / ha and 38000LS € / ha, depending on the location, shape, distance, etc.
Woolpalettcollektor, Cow – Watermod, Mapsiloband, food storage,
new Village
New Unloading
Port, railway station etc. Remodeled
Already fertilized 90 % of the fields , one in possession
New launch vehicles, but not overdone
Traffic is running, but can the traffic density quietly sat on 3, is pretty much built
Store supplies directly to the court
Energy Park for your solar and wind systems
Missions adapted, are also feasible with Hoflader
New textures for trees, shrubbery crops, soil, SKY etc.
Silohaufen, Traunstein silos (Note, there are two separate succession), outdoor silos
Adapted Gährzeiten, growth times, fermenters speed, levels etc.
Dairy offset adjusted milk truck
Corn only when cowshed from and rechargeable, because feed mixer
Garden center with space for your greenhouses, manure storage and water fountain
If you still findent error, simply write me. I Singelplayer , this did not test the multiplayer and DEDI server. If you could the times and then writes me, whether it is running, Währe great. I would be interested. Because the map is so large, have not been able to test all the functions. But all the important things are ready.

pig Marhu
Cattle fattening Marhu
Watermod Marhu
Woolpalettcollektor Marhu
Garden centers Bernd Bauer
Wash book Hauer
MiniBGA TyhoOn
Shelter Mach1 – Andy
Industrial plant LWS Terminator
BGA MotorizedDrum
Feed storage frisco0177
Edeka Mark44
Strommastenset martinbigM500
Arch bridge Fatian
distillery ZeFin_Poland
NF_Silagen traktor2406
CHP Tessmann85
LSL Leitplankenset LS
Mist plate Bruse
Streets modular atze1978
Bottom plate Bauer Jens1
Field dunghill willi103
Grass texture Tessmann85
Corn texture Tessmann85
Rape texture wingi
Wheat texture Tessmann85
Barley texture wingi
Tree texture metalger1
Soil texture Zefir
Fermenter BGA NKB – Modding
Inland Himmi
Traunstein silos Katsuo
Outdoor silos maser789
BIN200 silos mati7766
Street lights Weltenbauer
Silage mountain LS2013
Signs for silos vanillaice83
Mist interim storage matinBigM500
Signs Nick Pack 98.1
Bridge set M & J Modding
Milk charging station GE mapping
Ready Land flo1997
Geisepack Aerocool1
Scale with Statistikfunkton Blacky BPG
Large warehouse Farmerahner
Calf marcolussi
SKY- texture Deifel GbR
Hofsilos HedSzot
MT- Alligator Roman @ K
Slurry manure mod Hatzfan
Energy willow Kyosho
Clover alfalfa bgo1973
FFW Hagenstedt wild fox
Maize grain texture Tommy1222
Straw heating plant The Milker
Construction site, the one or no
Hall TuneWar
Mapbegrenzungen Mailman
Fleet trigger Aramea
Sheepfold wild fox
Weed texture El Cid
Fertilizer warehouse Tj87
ForgottenPlantstextur Eribus
dam Farmerahner
Biomass power plant LS Profi_michi
Thistle / Unkrautmod Bull Gore / Upside Down
Fruits Converter GE mapping
NewVehicleShop Joerg B

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Farming mods

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