Big european map v2.0

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Big european map 2013 v2.0

Welcome to the farm of the highest technology in the world! Here you can explore the various areas of agriculture and become a successful farmer.

Beta 2
The beta 1 and 2 encompass the complete remodeling of the main farm and add new features to the map. All objects have license and can be found on the respective websites. The credits are still being drawn up and the final version may change. You will find a new farm, more modern and more feature version 1.0.

General characteristics of the map:

  • Agrar Fliegerv1.3.4b
  • MapSiloBand v2.5.2
  • WoolPaletteCollector v1.3.1
  • Schweinemast v1.0.3 (pigs)
  • RinderMast V 1.0 (beefs)
  • WaterMod v3.0.1
  • MischStation v2.3.6
  • Oberthalbacher Landhandel rebuild v 1.0
  • Forgotten Plants V 1.0 Realistic Texture
  • Gülle Mist und Kalk Mod 2.1.0
  • New cowzone, refurbished, new barn.
  • New farm silos (complet pack v2)
  • Brauerei Mit Produktion V 3.0

Models, objects, scripts from:


Required mods to enjoy all features:

  1. ManureMod: (Open the file, click on Mod, extract the file inside your map folder).
  2. mapDoorTrigger:

Final version 1.0:

  • Help Icons Fixed Position,
  • Fixed problem with the ground when harvested after spraying,
  • Pesticide Station and seedStation,
  • Signs,
  • Conversion textures,
  • Land with grass texture,
  • Fixed several bugs,
  • New cowsilos (6 total),
  • New hall, Pole Barn on the cowplex,
  • Special care of the landscaping,
  • New constructions,
  • Elimination of problematic objects.

All these possibilities require in some cases the use of special equipment and the technical field to achieve 100% yield: cattle needs to be well supplied with a balance of pasture, hay and silage. The fields need to be sprayed to achieve 100% of production.

Map by Tiago Piloneto

BGA and other objects by El_Cid
Brewery and texture/foliage from Two Rivers Map LS13 by El Cid
Sugarbeet, weat, barley, grass windrow modified by Tiago Piloneto.
Estrada horizontal, Estrada vertical by map Nelamanowice_v2, edited by Tiago Piloneto.

Mods by Marhu (TMT)
Agrar Fliegerv1.3.4b
MapSiloBand v2.5.2
WoolPaletteCollector v1.3.1
Schweinemast v1.0.3
WaterMod v3.0.1
MischStation v2.3.6

Forgotten Plants/ Plants Maize V 1.0 Realistic Texture
Originale: GIANTS Software GmbH
Original Baumtextur: Vanilleeis
Original Maistextur: LwFarming
Neue Texturen: Eribus

Sukup grain bin pack
Model & Texture – ThompsonM06
Developed & released by LazyMod Studios FSD

ZuckerRaffenerie V 1.0 by Trekkerbodo

Unterstand – Pack
Modell/Textur/ingame: mailman

Traunsteiner Fahrsilos
mittlere Maschinenhalle
Modell: Katsuo
Textur: Katsuo
Ingame: Katsuo

NI Modding (some sheds)
(pigPlex)TowerSilo_BSCS_03 and tanks of BGA_By_BernieSCS (from the map OGF FSM AUSTRALIEN MAP).

Werkstatthalle Baukasten V 1.0 Beta
John Deere 6930
KundS Modding

RinderMast V 1.0

BGA Für Kleinbetriebe V 1.0
Modell -Typho0n
Funktionen – Stormi, KundSModding

Waage Mit Statistikfunktion V 3.2.5 Für GE
Marc85 für das Modell der 24 Meter Waage
Eifok-Team dafür das sie mich auf die Idee gebracht haben mit der LS11er Version

Digitalanzeige Für Silofüllstände V 3.2.0 Für GE
Blackburner für das Modell

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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