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This is a BGA Silo for pushing based on the script of Heady. This is a beta version.
All Planes have been provided with an animation that takes place only within the walls. A compartment holds 3.5 million liters.

Version 1.1

Fehler behoben;
Warning (physics): Static actor moved (Kolli1);
Warning: MapBGASilo [silage-silo | id: 213507] UserAttribute /siloAnimClipName/ is set, but Clip not found!
Therefore, the following mod is required:

For more driving pleasure also recommended:

Everything can be found at the following link:

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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Author:  Model, Texture, Ingame: King Kalle Test: King Kalle, Baue3rR Rules: ? The silo must be offered on other sites for download, but only using the original DL link! The Silo and our objects / textures may be not be changed without our consent and not re-uploaded! Rules The silo can be release on other sites, but only use the original download link! It's not allowed to edit the silo and our objects / textures and no reupload without the permission of us.

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