Benz North West Mecklenburg V0.9 (Beta)

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Benz Northwest Mecklenburg, so they called our Map for Farming Simulator 2013 but now it is also for the LS 15.
Benz is a small village in the idyllic northwest of Mecklenburg, not far from the city of Wismar. The map is completely built around true The holiday village Benz, the large fields and meadows are typical of this region and allow for large-scale farmers and agricultural area designers nothing to be desired. There are also many small details that can be recognized only upon closer look. Be inspired by the idyllic landscape and launch them into new dimensions of agriculture.


  • Large fields
  • An agricultural cooperative with milk production (cows are adapted)
  • Grain drying
  • Sugar beet factory
  • Pig (without Schweinemod, serves as a selling point for beet and wheat)
  • Exposed dunghill
  • 3D lanes
  • Small lakes
  • Vast forests
  • 3 villages (Benz, Gamehl, Karlsow)
  • Refinished field margins
  • PDA made
  • Modified rapeseed texture
  • Lebändiger (more vegetation grass, trees, …)
  • Colli added at the pig farm in verkaufsstrigger
  • Biogas plant


  • fendtxylon524
  • Eckert35
  • Polska
  • maurermatze
  • Eifok
  • Fatian
  • Rubiks
  • Lexion_78
  • Patti
  • Buschi
  • bullgore
  • diverse polnische Modder

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