Bavarian fs2015 Map v1

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Hello COM,
at the request of you I ask now the incomplete Mapversion

ready for DL.
The Map is not playable, it was only operated intensive terraforming and inserted a few objects!
The Map has so few MB, but errors that are detachable and is difficult to carry on but not hopeless! :) I believe that you have what it takes !!
You may change and modify the Map!
You must the converted maps under the following designations new Upload:
Bayern / Allgäu -> denotes the location of Map
RX -> denotes that it is the basic version of me (RaptorX)
(Your Name) -> announces that you have the map further processed
Version -> announces what version it is from you
Example: Bayern / Allgäu-RX-modding communities Doe-v.1.0. Playable
Not everyone is up PC performance have to play it or to be able to map in GE
Not everyone will have the know-how to make them playable
Not everyone is the desire they have to continue modding
If one of the three points applies to you, you Move to Trash and wait for Playable versions
Do not be left behind the idea of ​​a stupid Kommi -> COM sees not like :) and it will make you feel :) :)
If one has all three things -> Great I rely on your version
Who knows, probably. are actually working over a longer period of several clans modding it and the ultimate map that especially in single player is never boring Create. For MP is already bissi big but we see what comes out!

My thanks go to all the modders definitely that make the LS to a and its special kind of funny to play.
Appreciates the work of modders, respected the effort they have operated!
The processing time of Map to the current state of the RX-basic version is more than 500h!
Because I do not remember all object modders, I thank all!
Who wants to be mentioned by name and recognizes his property, check out the short PN I write tips then down to it! 😉

If you have any questions, you are welcome to replace you in the comments, will stop by every now and then!

Comments like: “yes ö not playable who invites something high” are undesirable
and join in the COM to no good!

Me, it would be now to see the many different versions of the Bayern / Allgäu Map!
Let’s see what all comes out! Happy about every Playable beautiful version!

Anyone interested can also leave me a donation on Paypal for their work gladly.
Do not say no, of course I, and let’s see … maybe Packt me yes but still if I
different versions seh and bring ne original RX out … you never know. :)

If it having among you continue to edit the map and it
want to draw, to whom I can to edit the rights
enter the WIP project page, then you can continue exactly where I
I stopped and read my comments :) :) including
THANK YOU to all of you for the good support!
Make me happy about the pictures and status reports.
Happy Holidays!

Appendix 1 – Specials:
The first Special When Forsthof with the railways should work as follows:
The Ponsee stands on the top panel and can cut down trees there, this it can then enter into the saw is traveling on the lower rail tractor with trailer.
Here, then, can each lane 2 player driving to 3-4 lanes -> who is faster below? : D
The second special in the mountain forest with the nursery works the same way, just as Rondell. (Single Player)

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

you liked this mod !!! Send Some Tips to modder respect his hard work

Author: RaptorX und viele Modder -> allen besten DANK!

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