Bassumer Land LS 2015 V7.0

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8,000 trees and 60 hours working later I have still managed to get the Bassumer country before Christmas ready. Everything I’ve re-done on this occasion. Only the farm and the village remained. Everything else I’ve turned to the left. The BGA has now been moved to the courtyard of the LU. Otherwise, I have tried to keep the old environment at. The nice thing is that the card is back to the character they should have originally. Through the trees with collisions we must now think up something like one puts the helpers here and there and sometimes you have to lend a hand. Thus, the map was originally thought sometimes. I firstonce dispense with further additional things such as swine and cattle because the map should firstonce run stable and error free.

Required mods:
green Fertilizer

What was made in this version (7.0):

  • Adapted to LS 2105
  • All 2D trees replaced by the new 3D trees. Now all trees precipitable
  • BGA routed to the LU-Hof
  • Inserted Seagwerk
  • Inserted Garden Center
  • Building the mill changed
  • Inserted heating plant
  • Manure and Liquid Manure inserted (If you look down on the field)
  • Sunflower ready
  • Chopped Straw-ready
  • ated installed Goals
  • Clover and alfalfa inserted

For the future I have planned to incorporate the economic cycles again. Whether that is already working on the next version, I can not promise. The plan is definitely back the sugar factory, a wood pellet plant and a food mixer. If necessary, again the dairy products. When I do that but I can not say exactly. Depends on how I have time and if it works smoothly with the scripts.


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Farming mods

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