Bassumer country v6.0

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Here now released version 5.3 of my Bassumer Country Map. From this version you can again grow sunflower harvest, and sell. Similarly, again the green wheat held enter. This can be chopped and then either brought to the BGA or be fed to the animals. To harvest the sunflower and chop the green wheat, I’ve created a modpack for you. Since everything is in it what you need. Likewise, a few bug fixes that have been reported to me kindly.

Here is the link to the modpack:

For the sunflowers and of green wheat sow is no extra Sähmaschine needed. With the standard LS2013 Maissähmaschine (Amazone EDX 6000) you can sow sunflower and can with each planter which can also sow their wheat also saw the green wheat.

What was done in V5.3:

  • Sunflower integrated
  • Green wheat integrated
  • It can be unloaded at the main court in the barn and bales sold so
  • The copses away in the main courtyard. Therefore strapped a small pond, to get what you can water.
  • Water extraction trigger on the big lake added when contractors
  • 2D trees replaced around the main courtyard with 3D trees
  • Tank trigger replaced
  • Allen outlets added sunflower
  • Revised textures of the trees, since some users had black trees. Should thus be solved
  • The helper assigned to a finer angular distribution. Thus moves not only the helper 90° and 45° and can be positioned easily.

For the next version is planned that the dung and liquid manure on the fields becomes visible again, the PDA Anpssung script for better representation of the fruits and a first economic cycle should work then.

You start the game include the fields around the main courtyard. Likewise, all pastures are processed directly, without having to buy them.

What was done in V5.2:

  • Sinking to the mill solved
  • Some Abladetrigger set slightly higher
  • Adjusted all prices and Feldgößen field.
  • Away River
  • Railway line laid
  • Built station
  • Old replaced by Raiffeisen Raiffeisen the original map (I find the beautiful)
  • All areas of grass yet or strapped, as there were problems with mowing
  • Wheat from Larnaka-texture among the fields. If your grass now sows, then the soil is also green
  • From some of the trees removed Collis
  • Make customized overlapping field purchase trigger
  • Static windmills away.

What was done in version 5.1 everything?

  • Adaptation of the ground textures to the new features
  • Cow pasture changed
  • Added sheep pasture
  • Chicken added
  • Replaced by LS2013 mill building
  • Replaced by LS2013 power plant building
  • Some fields changed
  • Box purchase added
  • Eggs for sale at LIDL added
  • Added wool sale at LIDL
  • New dealer installed
  • ATM installed at the dealer

Fatian – Strassenpack
Modelleicher Sripte

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Farming mods

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