Ballingcraig Estate

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Welcome to BallinCraig Estate. BallinCraig is set in the Northern Irish countryside and was designed and built in that style.

Although this map was originally made for Older Equipment such as the Ford Forces, Ford 40s, IH 86`s etc, you can still squeeze bigger equipment into it without too much difficulty.

The map has 22 fields, 2 of which are the Sheep and Cow meadows and 3 are “farm-able” fields that you own.

You get seeds and Fertilizer at the Farm Yard. You sell your grain at the “Twin Cannons Inn”. There are no grain silos on the map, due to it being 70`s style and back then the Grain was tipped on the floor of a barn, or sold straight from being harvested.

The feeding triggers for the cows are in the Cow Shed and the ones for the sheep are just in front of the wall opposite the Sheep shed.

McCormick X.70 80
NI Modding
Seedy McSeederson

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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  1. Alex

    Have you considered a 2.0 version? maybe a multifruit one?

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