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The BaleExtension breathed into the bale in the LS a more realistic and life.
Like so much else in the LS me the bales were designed something simple. It starts so that bales e.g. will be better if you let them lie outside in all weathers ages. Or that you can not just get makes grass silage hay. Like all extensions of mine is also this mod is a complete package, which consists of many small changes:
Bale take depending on weather, fillType, time of day and temperature and moisture on dry slowly again.
Depending on the moisture in bales (straw / hay: about 15%) is lost with time usable content. Apart from grass bales (s. Below) is hereby limited to the loss.
Piled into bales or does it otherwise to dryness they are protected from rain, snow and hail protected (*).
Wrapped silage bales are naturally weather resistant.
The weight of the bale increases when they are moist.
Is pressed during a rain shower or shortly thereafter, the bales are considerably wetter.
Bales of fresh grass are also created from the standard round balers. (For square bales missing the winder)
Grass bales have its own texture (much greener, see screenshots) and can be wound. So – and only then – obtained silage bales.
The grass bales should have a moisture content between 60 and 80% have during winding. Otherwise, the product is not unlimited. This also means that you should develop relatively quickly after pressing.
They are also much heavier than hay bales.
Hay bales can be as weather protection also wrapped. The ball type are indicated by a small icon on the slide.
Grass bales are unwrapped not particularly durable and as merchandise virtually worthless.
The ensiling grass bales takes a while (2 days). If they are fed / sold too early to apply as a normal grass bales.
To compensate somewhat for the trouble: Right beautiful, fresh and dry bales are finally paid reasonably in BaleExtension. But only the angegammelten wet manure needs her not to want to deliver against cash on noble horse stud. For regular bales you get more money than for bulk goods.
Depending on the quality (moisture content, how much is already weggegammelt), there are grades of A + (top quality), A, B and C (we do not talk about it) that flow directly into the price.
Since the default values are sufficiently meaningful released for the prices of hay and silage, the Mod sure her a price of at least 60% was achieved for hay bales of what you get for silage bales. If other mods here already make reasonable adjustments remain untouched. The BaleExtension jumps here only if the price difference is too pronounced. I do not want to overwrite values in competition with other mods and Mapanpassungen, but only react wenns is simply nonsensical. The sales prices to be left untouched.
A display of the values of the individual bales are obtained when rangeht close enough and just look at the bale. Just look at the screenshots.

(*) The “to dryness” I have to explain in more detail: The pads look almost up, if there is something else to be seen as the sky. This may be another bale, or even the roof of a barn. Only technically unfortunately absolutely necessary condition: The rain cover must have a collision with at least one bit set. Which does not matter. It may well be so, unfortunately, that one or the other ball shed or barn needs to be retrofitted with a few very simple collision-shapes. Sorry, but that is no other way.


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