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On the map there are standard culture + sunflower breeding bulls and pigs can also be engaged in forestry (planting, felling trees with the subsequent sale of logs and wood chips). Transportation of sand, bread and fish. Pickup added milk and drinking bowls for all animals. Traffic transport, pedestrians, train. The archive with a map mod MapFruitTrigger and screenshots with the designation of points of sale. Provided Fahrer.

  • Culture storage warehouses
  • Garage with workshop
  • Buying points
  • Sawmill with Gater
  • The different ways in which a complete mud pit grade
  • Traffic, pedestrians, trains
  • Trestles, bridges, new objects
  • Village
  • Great terrain, beautiful nature
  • A possibility to sell vezti piena
  • There is a pond where you can catch fish


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Farming mods

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  1. Sergeu

    Для начала автор карты объяснит чем возить песок,рыбу и хлеб? на карте этих модов нет..

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