Auenbach V1.5

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The Auenbach v1.5 is a reconstruction of LS 2013 Map, NO conversion.
This map is from the ground up rebuilt and equipped with all the possible features of LS 15.
Auenbach is a 7 fields Singel Player Map, where it offers a lot of fun and work in MultiPlayer.

Map facts:

  • Complete rebuilding of the Map
  • Construction period of about 5 days
  • No conversion
  • New, specially created textures
  • optional manual milk sale (requires WaterMilkTrailerMod of Marhu!)
  • Standard Fruit
  • Sawmill incl. All of its features
  • BGA
  • To collect gold coins
  • Mowing and transport emissions (Partial new missions such as pallets with toilets, eggs, radio, etc …)
  • 3 Verkausstellen
  • All pastures on the farm
  • New, annimierte straw for the cow pasture
  • Manually mixed feed stock
  • Conveyor belt and storage for wood chips
  • Annimierte Goals and Siloklappen
  • New optical silo level indicators for standard fruits
  • AI traffic and pedestrian
  • Customized PDA
  • Almost all trees precipitable
  • Due helper friendly because the trees have Collis
  • A few details to watch
  • New objects and many gimmicks
  • Preformence optimization

Signs: [FSM] Chef
Grass Texture: [FSM] Atabogo
Chips band: mario Dieck
Fruit textures: [FSM] Jabba42
manhole covers, Div.Sounds, etc. ..: [FSM] Chef
Optical Fruit:
SiloFüllstandsAnzeige v2: [FSM] Atabogo
country trade: [FSM] Atabogo
Various buildings:
Farm house,: [FSM] Atabogo
Signs advertising: [FSM] Jabba42
Various New scripts FlschLight,)
GehWegSet: Frank Wienberg [GER] field textures: ZeFir_POLAND
StrassenSet: atze1978
Grain flap: GE mapping
production level indicator: [Fsm] Atabogo
scrap trailers, Div.Zäune: Thuruk
Old Models: thecsfun
Farmer: Devilkw
Distance mountains: mailman
swamp Grains GE mapping
ramp BGA: Eduard Vulture

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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