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AR/FRAME – EQUIPMENT PACK V1.1 – for farming simulator 2017


Hey everyone! Representing you really very cool AR/FRAME – EQUIPMENT PACK for your farm!

Pack includes:
Standard Timber Runner;
Timber Runner with Marhu’s UAL Script – Logs 3 to 6 Meters;
Standard Timber Cage;
Timber Cage with Marhu’s UAL Script – Logs 1 to 5 Meters;
Bull 266 Tipper;
Brantner Tipper;
Bergman Tipper;
Krampe Tipper;
Kroeger Tipper;
Amazone Chaser Bin – Bulk Fill Type Overloader;
Amazone ZGB – Fertilizer Spreader – Updated Model for 2017;
Amazone UF – Fertilizer Sprayer;
Fliegl VFW20000 – Slurry Spreader;
Water Tanker – Optional Decals;
Garant Tanker (Slurry / Digestate) – Optional Colour Decals;
Field Fuel/Diesel Tanker – Body and Decals Colour selectable;
Diesel / Fuel Tanker – Optional Decals;
Multi Use Tanker – Will carry all liquids (Can not fill vehicles with fuel);
UAL Flatbed – Flatbed featuring UAL Script by Hot Online Team. New Timber Pallet Mode added;
Service Flatbed – Fill Points for Fertilizer, Seed, Fuel and Water (Pay Per USE) – Script by Marhu;
Animal Transport Trailer – Transport for 4 Cows, 10 Sheep and 8 Pigs.Animated ramp. To allow transport of small equipment;



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