Anhydrous transport combo pack (MoreRealistic)

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More Realistic Anhydrous Transport Combo Pack
The Bulk Anhydrous Transport Combo is the ideal solution for transporting bulk Anhydrous Ammonia to the field.

With these trailers you can quickly refill Single or Double Anhydrous Tank Trailers or any fertilizing equipment you may be using.
These trailers can be filled at any fertilizer filling station as well as at the Placeable Anhydrous Storage Tanks.

  • Semi Trailer Length Aprox: 45 Feet – Capacity: 30,000L
  • Pup Trailer Length Aprox: 30 Feet – Capacity: 12,000L
  • Fill Types – Fertilizer

More Realistic Game Engine must be used with this mod.


  • Converted to MR.
  • Trailers will now cast and receive shadows. (minor oversight from previous version)
  • Pup trailer 2 has been configured by AlbertL to pull behind the Merritt Super B LEAD Seed Trailer.

Trailer and Pup Models are from the Pack Trailers StandAlone 2011 By Ernst for 18 Wheels of Steel Haulin
sprayTankerTrigger LUA by Xentro
Beleuchtung v3.1 LUA by Sven777b
jackstand LUA by American Eagles Modteam (TwistedGA & looseterror)
Converting to FS2013 by iB055
Scripting by iB055 and AlbertL
Initial Testing by iB055 and AlbertL
Wheels by Sivy
Conversion to MR by AlbertL

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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    shows up for purchase in store menu, go to purchase says “no more room, remove purchased equipment first” on empty lot

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