Andres big map v1.4

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Andre’s Big Map V1.4.

Hello, it ‘s that time again! After 4 months, the tag on the “Andres Big Map” is done, and it is error-free! We have getetet Singel and multiplayer.

What’s new on the map everything?


  • 4 courtyards, one main court. A Gemüßehof only for the fruits of the earth, a plantation only for apple, pear, plum, coffee and Kirsche. Und a large animal farm with fattening animals, such as pigs, cattle, breeding sheep, geese, rabbits and horses. In the main courtyard, there is a fruit warehouse, a gas station (which you must befühllen itself), and a diesel and biodiesel stock.
  • A camp for seed and fertilizer is also vorhanden.Diesel you get the land trade, where to change the Preiße. Diesel you get even with the Rapsraffenerie as must leave her rape and then gets after some time diesel. In the tank on the farm fit 54000Liter. On the Gemüßehof there is also a gas station as in the central courtyard, a camp for all root crops, such as potatoes, sugar beets, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, Weis and red cabbage.
  • All Erdfüchte be seeded as potatoes. On the plantation you will find a small camp and a shelter. On the animal farm, there is a feed store and a large feed mixing plant. The fattening animals get all Gerteidefutter – concentrate gets her since abgebt compound feed in the feed mill where her.

Yes, what else is there new?

Newly listed:

  • Road network rebuilt with a highway.
  • Sewage treatment plant: takes manure and water are.
  • Spinnery: Records are breeding sheep and wool (Can be sold at the harbor).
  • Biodieselfarik: assert diesel from the Rapsraffernarie and biodiesel are out again ( can then be sold at the tanker at the port.
  • Everything fattening animals can be sold at slaughter.
  • For the Map you need some Mod’s because with it a little better running on the map.


  • Schadensmod:
  • seedCleaner:–2
  • Mods:
  • Root crops:
  • Shuttle -Pack:–2
  • Price Stock Display Mod:
  • Multi Fruit Mod:–3
  • ModPack for Andres Big Map:

A big thanks to my AGS team, test for it and at the Mapbau help. For questions, I am happy to either the TS or the forum:

A very big thanks goes to the A-G-S Team
Map construction: Bigblue and the A-G-S Team
New buildings: Herbert61 & Bigblue
Mixing plant and pigs and cattle fattening: Marhu
Agricultural plane: Marhu
Gas Station Trigger Extended Blacky_BPG
Courtyard Building: BernieSCS
I bendake me with all the mods I have installed

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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  1. jan

    Nice map i love it.

    Can some one tell me why i not can get kraftfutter to work,

    plzz help me

  2. Umberto

    Need help too. Kartfutter don t work…. i think…. Help Us Pls. Never found a tipper or a trailer for kraftfutter

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