American Heart Land V2 FS15

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In this version I smoothed out the fields a little more and added chopped straw. Other then that the rest of the map is still the same.
Mods needed ChoppedStrawmod, AnimationMapTrigger, MultifruitMod, zzz_compostsoilMod.

Welcome to the American Heart Land. Map has standard fruits plus soybeans, Animals are the standard cow, sheep, ckickens plus pigs. There are two forest one big the other one small. There are three sale points for grains. There is a BGA, And a compost Master. You sale woodchips, compost soil, logs at the Bio gas heating plant. There are two tractor dealers John Deere and Case. You can sale pigs, slurry, and manure. There is one buyable grass field were you can use a hired worker. Field prices are 7500.00 a acre. Hope I did’nt forget anything? And there mite be a thing or two that may need ajusted that got over looked. Have fun.

Mods needed.
Multifruitmod for harvesting soybeans.
zzz compostsoil mod

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Farming mods

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Author: Giants, And all the good folks that make mods for the game. Look in folder of mod to see credits for that mod. (If any were listed)

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