Alpental green v1.5.1

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Welcome to beautiful Alpine valley.

This map is ideal for the single player, but can also be easily played in multiplayer with your friends. By creating an interesting design. Runs the map on older PC’s fluid and smooth.

Alpental v1.5 Green Forest.

Since the version 1.4 was not yet mature, I sat down again on it and some “change” verändert. It was a complete remodeling of the landscape and infrastructure. Shall I installed ignorant as objects where was not clear whether I should or not.

What’s new?

  • Map enlarged and extended to field 10 (Buyable).
  • Field 3 has been replaced by meadow.
  • Smaller food storage on the farm.
  • 2 outdoor silos at the central warehouse.
  • New potato warehouse at the central warehouse.
  • BGA again Completely Revised.
  • Relocated grain storage on the farm in silos.
  • Orginales manure tank removed and replaced with square.
  • The old country store removed and installed Eifok country store (behind the BGA).
  • Added vehicle dealer.
  • The country commercial vehicle dealer was moved Added gas station.
  • Much value have continued to put on performance.
  • Added 1.6 ha forest floor (Buyable) Already built sawmill, wood chips, power plant and warehouse.
  • Various changes to the sawmill and the forest added to the camps for logs.
  • And 100 other details.

Note: Patch 2.0 is required. Old Scores can not be assumed. Why? (Always wanted to sit on the trigger).

  • Rotting is: OFF.
  • Grain maize can now also be incorporated on this map.


  • 10 fields of 1 acre to 6 acres,
  • Standard fruit,
  • 3 meadows,
  • Pig,
  • Watermod V3 (cows, sheep, chickens),
  • 3 outlets (including vehicle dealers).

If you like it realisatischer, now bring this trailer the milk from the farm for sale at Eifok country trade. Attention, if its the milk is sold used the trailer no longer un 24 clock.–2

Required Mods:

  • PDA Fix:
  • MapDoorTrigger:–10
  • Joskin Betimax:–2

Recommended Mods (Not to play required):

  • Forest Mod:
  • Animal status:–2
  • HiredWorkersConsumes:

Map by: Elmo erweitert von: mir

Objects, textures & more by:
Elmo, Wohlstandskind, marhu, Buschi, Katsuo, mailman, Fatian, LS-Landtechnik, Luxfarm, TMT – Trans Mapping Team, MorphX & Fruktor (Eifok), LwFarming, Alex2009, Buschi, u.v.m.

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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