Allis Chalmers 157 ALLCROP V2.1

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Allis Chalmers 157 ALLCROP V2.1

This is my edit and conversion to FS 2013 of my former FS 2011 re-skin & edit of xyzspain’s excellent Sola grain drill into an Allis Chalmers allcrop grain drill.
These drills were manufactured from the mid to early 60’s through the 70’s in sizes ranging from 6′ to as wide as 20′ in 3 point hitch and drawbar configurations.
These drills are very rare today and sought after by collectors and fans. Most examples seen today are badly rusted but many are still in use by their loving fans. There are many toy replicas of these drills for collectors and in a few cases you will be lucky enough to see a fully restored model in real life, some of which
still get regular use. This model represents a 3 point hitch model with dual seed and fertilizer compartments within the main hopper. The harrow attachment has
been supplied with the drill for a smooth finish following the seeding and application of dry fertilizer.

This drill utilizes the urfSeeder specification by webalizer and we thank him for his excellent mod.

This seeder fills both seeds and fertilizer from normal game seed and fertilizer triggers.

Plants wheat, barley, rape and grass

X – opens seed hopper (working seed plane)
O – changes seed type
R – re-fill from any game seed or fertilizer trigger

left shift + O changes fertilizer mode (partial / full / none) default is partial

Changelog V2.1: Adjusted physics for realism, corrected weight, minor tweaks

model: xyzspain
reskin: ccs101
urfSeeder spec: webalizer
conversion to FS2013: ccs101
edits: ccs101

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Farming mods

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