All american farm v2.0

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All american farm v2.0.

V2 Changelog:

  • Moved Chickens to south of cow zone.
  • Added Egg sell point by spinnery.
  • Added field boundaries so you shouldn’t have any problems with ownership of fields.
  • Connected sell points to roads.
  • Added Feed storage building.
  • Aligned both storage sheds.
  • Adjusted tip triggers at sell points and farm zone.

Special thanks to Carder1998 for letting me upload this edit
FarmerYip-original scripts and map
Carder1998-Heavy editing of scripts and map
DocElyoc-2 Buildings
Feed Storage Facility credits
Food Storage v 3.1 by dajoun tunisia
ZuckerRaffenerie v 1.0 by Trekkerbodo

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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  1. kevin

    how do u download this map? when u do download it how do u make it work??????

  2. Michael

    I don’t know I was wanting to download it myself I see they really care don’t they????????????????

    1. Farming mods

      Hey Michael,

      We’re sorry for that. Download fixed, enjoy!

      1. Michael


  3. Robert

    Hello there nise map but ther is a problem it has a bunch end for the bank and to meny for ctrl to sell plese took at map and fix that part and move the creamery over to the farm

    1. Jordan

      How is the game play on this map

  4. Michael

    I own field 2 but it tells me I don’t what should I do?

  5. Cody

    I was driving around in my Dodge pickup when I saw traffic was driving on one lane. Both directions of movement on one lane. It kinda throws me off on which direction to drive. Fix it ASAP! Maybe make version 3 or something. Please!!!!!

  6. greenbeans

    yall are probaly to lazy to fix it to make it work litle judges!!!!!!!!!!!

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